How To Hire A Landscape Gardener

Are you planning to hire a landscape gardener to design and create your new garden? If so, there are certain things you should know before making ANY contact with a landscaping company. Not knowing this vital information will cost you TIME and MONEY!

  • do you want a garden designer or a landscaper who will do the design and carry out the work
  • will you need a specialist for a particular type of garden
  • have you worked out a budget
  • what ideas do you have - you will need to have some ideas to give your landscaper as a starting point

Why Do You Want To Landscape Your Garden?

Your garden should not be a eyesore, nor a chore; something to be coped with and tidied up when you can find the time and energy. Instead, it should be seen as a life enhancing resource that it can be, adding extra space and an extra dimension to your home. Creating a beautiful garden and spending time enjoying it produces personal benefits of a subtle and lasting kind on a daily basis.

Garden landscaping is about adding value to your life as well as adding value to your house. Landscaping is something that will produce practical benefits as well as aesthetic benefits enhancing the pleasure you get from your home. For example, you can arrange for the construction of a self-contained children's play area, you can plant trees to reduce noise from traffic, or shrubs can be used to create privacy.

A beautiful well-kept landscaped garden adds value to your home.  The right landscaping can increase the value of your home by more than its cost and make it easier to sell. Well-designed landscaping can increase the value of your home dramatically. When you are selling your house your front garden is one of the first things prospective buyers notice when they visit your house. It is a large part of what 'kerb appeal' is all about. It's the first impression people will have when they see your home. 

Hiring A Landscaper - What You Should Know

Important issues you must consider before hiring a landscaper:

  1. DIY Landscaping or Hire a Landscape Gardener?
    You can do it yourself. If you are prepared to do the hard work you will save a lot of money and have the satisfaction of creating your own landscaped garden.

  2. What Services Do Landscapers Provide?
    Landscape gardeners can provide a variety of services. They may also have their own specialist area and this is something that you may need to uncover as you research which one to select for your project.

  3. Your Landscaping Needs & Budget
    To make an effective choice of landscaper you must carry out some prior preparation. Consider your needs and your budget.

  4. Define Your own Landscaping Ideas
    To help your chosen landscaper design your perfect garden you must input your own ideas and preferences about your landscaping project and take into account your timescale for completion.

  5. Hiring A Landscaper
    There are lots of ways you can find landscape gardeners and many of these methods could equally be applied to finding a plumber, electrician etc.

  6. Dealing With Quotations
    Once you have a shortlist of landscape gardeners you need to ask for detailed written quotes and choose between them.

  7. Landscape Gardeners - Possible Problems
    Anyone can go into the landscaping business so homeowners need to be alert to possible problems that can arise with their landscaper or the landscaping project.

Improving your garden by hiring a landscaper can be a big investment, so it makes sense to spend some time and effort to choose the right landscape gardener to help you with the process. This will help ensure you spend no more than necessary, get your landscaping done on schedule, and end up with a garden you are really proud of.