Avoiding Landscaping Problems

Watch out for rogue traders who come to your door offering to do landscaping work. Anyone can go into the landscaping business so homeowners need to be vigilant against cowboy landscapers. One landscaping problem is that the unscrupulous may take a deposit for work and then never be seen again. Another is that they produce work of a poor standard but then charge a high price.

In addition, some operators are likely to have no qualifications in design, building, or planting or little experience.

Landscaping can increase a home's value over and above the cost of the landscaping itself. But it needs to be properly designed landscaping that has been implemented with care.

Look out for these landscaping problems:

  • Inconsiderate landscapers who disturb the neighbours by working at unsocial hours.

  • Landscapers who use a contract with all kinds of clauses that involve additional charges. Your costs will just keep growing.

  • Plants and shrubs that die. Will your landscaper happily reimburse you?

  • The landscaper who buys low quality plants to reduce their costs. You won't suspect until later.

  • Landscapers who start a job but do not finish it on time as promised.