DIY Landscaping or
Hire a Landscape Gardener?

You can do it yourself. If you are prepared to do the hard work you will save a lot of money and have the satisfaction of creating your own landscaped garden. There are plenty of ideas available in books and magazines and on the TV.

You will need to:

  • research garden design ideas
  • produce a garden design plan
  • buy the materials, features and plants
  • hire necessary equipment and tools
  • carry out the practical work

Or you could do some of the landscaping work yourself. Maybe you do not want to do the physical part, but you could research ideas, produce a plan and buy the materials yourself. You can save money by buying the materials yourself because landscapers often make a profit out of the materials they charge for. You can also make sure that you end up with the exact materials that you want and materials that have the right quality.

Designing a garden is essentially solving the various problems - what size and shape to make the patio, where to position a path or water feature, which plants would be most suitable etc. However, this process alone does not provide the spirit of a garden Really good garden design adds this secret ingredient to create a style that is in keeping with both the house and the homeowner's requirements.

Although we live in an age of do-it-yourself, there are sometimes times when it pays to hire a professional. A quality landscaper will have the design skills, knowhow, equipment and talents to transform your property into a genuine showpiece.

Landscaping can be complicated and labour-intensive. It can require specialised tools and equipment. Landscaping is also an art, and the experts have a strong understanding of good design, composition and aesthetics that allows them to make the most of any piece of land. Professional landscapers also possess huge amounts of knowledge about various plants, grasses and trees that assist them in making the best possible decisions for any given project. They provide a wide range of landscaping services.

Professional garden designers have the ability to turn quite ordinary or potentially difficult gardens into relaxing, but stimulating environments with balanced proportions, carefully chosen focal points and thriving plants.

As a non-professional, you cannot expect to produce the same inspired results as the professional landscaper.

So, if you need serious landscaping help, it makes sense to call in the experts. Once you decide to hire a landscape gardener the question then becomes: how do you choose the right one.