Dealing With Quotes

Once you have researched your original list of landscape gardeners and whittled it down to perhaps three, you are in a position to ask for detailed written quotes. Within a week or so after meeting with the landscapers you should receive these.

They should detail the project and all the associated costs involved. Make sure that all the points that you have discussed are covered. If not ask the landscaper to send further written confirmation on any points not already included. You must apply this process for all the quotes you have asked for, so a direct financial and timescale comparison can be made.

Landscapers operate slightly different payment terms, but common payment terms, are 50% of project funds paid to the landscaper on day one, normally when the materials arrive, and then a final 50% on completion of the project.

Once you have received your quotes, you must decide which landscaper is most suitable. You must take into account not only the price they quote, and the start date, and project duration, but also the quality of the work as you have assessed it, and the other factors that have been mentioned in this report. Contact your chosen company as soon as you make the decision, so that they can put you into their schedule at once.

If you are not happy with any of the quotes then you will need to repeat this process with other landscapers until you find another company that you are happy with.

Ongoing Supervision

Make sure that you are on hand to supervise the work. It is important that you constantly keep check on the quality of work, and see that the landscaper is doing exactly what was agreed. Also, that they are on-site when they are meant to be. When the job is finished, review the whole project with the landscaper making sure that every part of the job has been completed to your satisfaction.

Follow the steps outlined on this web site and you have every chance of creating a beautiful and practical landscaped garden that will benefit you every day and add value to your home. You will also give yourself the best chance of avoiding possible problems with your landscaper.