What Landscaping Services Do
Landscape Gardeners Provide?

Landscape gardeners can provide a wide variety of services. They may also have their own specialist area and this is something that you may need to uncover as you research which one to select for your project.

Landscape design and installation normally includes one or more following services:

·  Garden design, front garden landscaping and rear garden landscaping.
·  Design of low maintenance gardens and gardens with other themes.
·  Planting design, providing detailed planting plans.
·  Planting of new bushes, shrubs, hedges, flowers and flowerbeds.
·  Tree planting, pruning, and tree removal.
·  Installation of new lawns.
·  Construction of rockeries.
·  Design and installation of fences, decks, and trelliswork.
·  Design and construction of walls, patios, drives, forecourts and pathways.
·  using brick, stone, concrete and other materials.
·  Block paving.
·  Specialist stone work.
·  Design and installation of water features e.g. ponds, waterfalls, fountains,
·  pond filters, pond heaters, pond lighting and pond pumps.
·  Specialist elements such as lighting and garden furniture.
·  Provision of costings and schedules for the project.
·  and more…

A landscaper does not have to be hired only for the big jobs. They can help with any of your landscaping needs. They are not only used for large areas of land and whole gardens, they can also be used for individual projects within your garden. Landscapers are professionals in carrying out small jobs, as well as larger ones, and are just as happy to help you with both.

They also do not just design and layout areas of land. In fact, landscapers carry out a variety of tasks: a landscaper is a builder, bricklayer, carpenter, metalworker, as well as a plant person. They must understand soils, chemicals and climatic conditions. Naturally some landscaping companies will specialise in one or more types of work.

One of the most important skills a professional landscaper possesses is the ability to listen and to understand what you want to achieve. Perhaps you would like a garden for the children to enjoy and/or one that allows you to entertain, or somewhere that simply allows you to relax.

Landscaping is not something that you should only consider when you are moving house. There are many small jobs that could be beneficial at any time: maybe you want to have a patio or an area just for barbecuing, or perhaps you want to build a small wall. Maybe you simply want some lighting so that you can enjoy your garden in the evening when the sun has gone down.